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Quartz Sand Filter System
Quartz sand filter is generally used as the pretreatment of reverse osmosis equipment and ultrafiltration equipment, mainly for the interception and adsorption ofsediment,colloid,metal ions and organic matter. Commonly used filter materials are quartz san
Active Carbon Filter System
In water pretreatment system, activated carbon filter can filter adsorption before class can't remove the level of residual chlorine in order to prevent the reverse osmosis membrane by the oxidation degradation, as well as adsorption was magnitude lea
Source Water and Final Water Storage Tank System
These light weight rolling tank and heavy weight stainless steel tank are used for source water storage and finalproduced mineral water or pure water storage .They have the advantages of low price, safety ,healthy, simple cleaning, convenient transportati
Precision Filter System
Precision filter (also known as the security filter), cylinder shell generally adopt stainless steel material Construction features All kinds of coating equipment top cotton filter, frame filter, bag filter, suitable for fine chemical, oil, food and medic
Reverse Osmosis System
Reverse osmosis: in natural osmosis, water molecules migrate from the low concentration side ofa solution through a semi-permeable membrane to a high concentration solution.When we impose foreign pressure on surface water and groundwater, water molecules
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